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We Provide Service Across North America

From Alaska to Florida, we’ve got you covered! SGR has 20+ years of experience transporting freight across North America. Your freight is safe with us!

Fast Service

When you book a load with SGR, we get your freight on the road ASAP so you never have to worry about any late deliveries.

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Safe Delivery

SGR ensures all necessary safety precautions are taken to get your freight transported on time and in one piece.  

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24/7 Support

Any time you need our assistance, just give us a call or send us an email. Our staff is available 24/7 to help you. 

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What they say

Client’s Testimonial

  • Honesty and integrity, a worry-free solution to your trucking needs. SGR’s expanding team with experienced and professional agents will be open and transparent with you, so you are never guessing what is next. They’ll make you feel apart of their family. Give SGR a call, and see what they can do for you.

  • SGR is an exceptional asset-based carrier who has proven time and again; to be a cut above the rest, a truly professional carrier. They have superb equipment paired with an excellent service team. The peace of mind you have when SGR handles a shipment is unparalleled. Kudos to Team SGR for the great work you do!

  • SGR Truck lines has always provided me with great service. I truly appreciate their level of hard work and communication. They are quick to answer all questions and work hard to make sure our required services are met. 

Why choose us

What Makes SGR Different

  • Freight Tracking
  • Always On Time
  • Experienced Drivers
  • Brand New Equipment

Freight Tracking

At SGR Trucklines, we know how stressful it can be not knowing where your freight is. We also know that most other transportation companies fail to update their customers in a timely manner, resulting in the customer chasing the carrier for updates.  SGR understands your stress and worries. That is why we ensure that you are ALWAYS updated.

How do we achieve this? Well, it’s simple. Once your freight is picked up, you will be provided with a tracking link that displays a real-time GPS view of your freight’s location using Google Maps. This way you can sit back and relax knowing where your freight is at all times. If that isn’t enough, we also provide regular email and phone call updates for the progress of your freight (picked up, loaded, in transit, delivered, etc.).

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SGR's Always On Time

We know that a lot of trouble can arise when a transport company delivers late. That’s why SGR Trucklines ensures all freight booked with us is on time. As soon as we receive the load confirmation, our dispatch team gets to work. They locate a driver who can deliver the shipment the fastest based on their location and driving hours.  Once the driver is chosen, they are dispatched to pick up the freight.

The customer is then provided detailed updates on the freight’s delivery status. If there are external issues that we cannot control such as weather, we will notify the customer ahead of time to let them know if there is going to be a delay and provide the new ETA. SGR Trucklines is proud to say that we have a 98.5% on-time delivery success rate. This is among the highest in the industry!

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Why customers trust us

Experienced Drivers

SGR only hires the best. That’s why our drivers all have a minimum of 2 years of AZ driving experience. This ensures that all of our drivers are capable of handling various scenarios that newer drivers would struggle with, potentially lead to late deliveries or collisions.

The trustworthy performance of our drivers is what makes us confident in our delivery times. They’ve proven time and time again why hiring experienced drivers is necessary. We can ensure that only experienced drivers are transporting your precious cargo from point A to B. That’s one of SGR’s guarantees.

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Why customers keep coming back

Brand New Equipment

We provide the best service and experience possible for our customers, which is why we only use brand new equipment. The oldest tractors and trailers in SGR’s fleet are only a couple years old. We recently accquired brand new 2020 trailers as well.  The brand new equipment allows us to provide our customers with reliable and clean units that get the job done right.

Our trailers are all food-grade and sanitary. SGR Trucklines ensures that all of our tractors and trailers are washed weekly and that the trailers are swept inside daily. We do this in order to prevent our customers from getting subpar service. That’s what differentiates SGR from the rest.

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Less Than Full Truckload


Full Truckload

Refrigerated Shipping

Temp Controlled Shipments

Expedited Shipping

Direct Delivery After Pick Up

Less than full truckload shipments, commonly known as LTL shipments, are a cost-effective way to ship your freight. Businesses with a low volume of shipments prefer this method. SGR Trucklines offers cost-effective and flexible LTL shipments across Canada and the United States. Our experienced drivers ensure your freight reaches its destination on time so you never have to worry about late fees. SGR caters to a variety of different transportation needs, whether it pallets, boxes, or individual units, we’ve got you covered. Also, the equipment we use to transport your freight is brand new! 

Full truckload shipments, commonly known as FTL shipments, are the best way to transport freight that weighs more than 40,000 lbs or takes up more than 50 ft of trailer space. SGR Trucklines is the go-to carrier for FTL shipments because we offer flexible and cost-effective transportation solutions across Canada and the United States. Whatever the size or shape of the freight, we can always accommodate. SGR uses brand new equipment to ensure your freight is always transported in a sanitary, and safe environment.

Temperature-controlled shipments are ideal for any freight that needs to remain at a constant temperature throughout the trip. Produce, frozen items, and beverages all require a temperature-controlled environment. SGR Trucklines has the capacity and experience to handle all of your temperature-controlled shipment needs. Whether your freight needs to be heated or cooled, we’ve got you covered. SGR only transports your freight in the best, that’s why we only use brand new reefers or heated vans. We also offer real-time temperature tracking as well as GPS tracking on all our shipments. 

Expedited shipments are delivered directly after they are picked up to ensure your freight arrives on time. This is the preferred method for any supplier who needs their freight delivered urgently. SGR Trucklines is known to deliver freight right on time. Which is why we are professionals when it comes to expedited shipments. Our experienced dispatch team and drivers work together to ensure your freight is there when it needs to be. That’s why we boast a 98.5% on-time delivery rate. Save yourself the late fees and book a load with SGR today.

More About Us

We provide innovative transportation solutions that eliminate the potential for late deliveries and damaged freight for companies across North America. 

SGR Trucklines values all our customers equally. Whether you’re big or small, everyone receives the same premier service we’re known for.